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To the Men who have Been Circumcised

  • Rebecca James

    "What do we say to those who have been violated and put through pain and trauma so deep that it changes their brains? How do we acknowledge and apologize for not knowing sooner, for pretending it is not true, for suggesting that their reality is anything less than a breech of justice? Instead of support, our men are met with statements like “it’s just a flap of skin” “don’t you have something important to bother people about?” and “at least you can keep yourself clean now”. We may not realize the gravity of our words; that what we are really saying is: “what they did to you is okay. Your feelings of anger and pain, and your efforts to create change are unimportant”, “they were right to cut off a piece of your body against your will”, ”It doesn’t matter that as a grown man you say you did not consent- that you did not want it done.”

  • Rebecca James

    When we choose not to stand up for the rights of baby boys, we are choosing not to stand up for men.

  • Rebecca James

    "You have my support, and you have my voice. I will stand beside you when the cruel words and ignorant insults fly. I will continue to inform, share, and speak up for your rights, and those of all of our sons."

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