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My dad, asleep, in a wheelchair, WITHOUT SECURITY BELTS, tortured beyond exhaustion! This was taken at the Guardian Angels Nursing Home in Hibbing MN. and following numerous IGNORED, request by me, for him to be placed in bed!

Fairview Range earns Governor's Safety Award?! Here's how out of touch with reality Governor Mark Dayton is! He has evidence and knowledge of facts I provided surrounding the suspicious death (MURDER) of my father! This MURDER was facilitated and covered up by the Fairview Range Hospital in Hibbing MN! The very same hospital he just recognized and awarded for safety!

  • Debra Matheny

    Dayton has all the preliminary facts that led to the death of my father and cover-up! A thorough investigation will prove my allegations! The FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation also has the FACTS! AND IN FACT HAD KNOWLEDGEE OF THE SEVER WHISTLEBLOWER RETALIATION ENDANGERING THE MY LIFE AND OBVIOUSLY MY DADS! I EVEN SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED PROTECTION FROM THE FBI IN 2010! HAD THIS CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE BEEN ADDRESSED MY DAD WOULD STILL BE ALIVE! FACT!

Let me introduce you 2 Judicial District 6 Prosecutor 4 the State of Minnesota, James Andrew Borland OR Andy Borland! Private atty with Sellman Law Offices, Hibbing MN. Prior VP 1997 of Fairview Health Services, Minneapolis and has a more current board membership at Fairview Health Services Hibbing WHERE MY FATHERS MURDER WAS FACILITATED APRIL 2013! Read more here~

Gang Stalking F.O.I.A. Lawsuit | gangstalkingismurder Signed, shared and named MY PERPS, just in case anyone of ya makes it to Hibbing MN., you’ll know which LOSER F*CKS TO AVOID!

18 U.S. Code § 1959 - Violent crimes in aid of racketeering ...

1010860_605098066203188_1165918759_n.jpg (720×704)

Gerald Clark and criminal comrades (St Louis County Sheriff / Olson's other neighbors) use of Electromagnetic radiation DEW's! See additional photo's of flesh wounds! THIS IS ATTEMPTED MURDER!

Subject: The defective Schrader Tank Valve, initially installed on my propane tank and ALLEGEDLY TESTED, Wednesday 02/05/14, morning. Orchestrated to appear as an accidental explosion.