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Creative Change Interiors Ltd.

Selling a vacant home is difficult because empty rooms appear smaller when there isn't anything for buyers to gage the size by. Even large rooms can seem awkward or difficult to furnish without some guidance as to how the space can be utilized. Always do everything you can to help buyers see the full potential of your property.- Creative Change Interiors

  • Ann
    Ann • 1 day ago

    WRONG!!!!! Marketing an empty neutral space is easier on the eye and a much more honest

  • Creative Change Interiors Ltd.

    Staging isn't at all about not being honest; it is to be helpful to buyers. Most people have trouble gauging the size of an empty room or how their own furnishings would fit. By staging, they have something to compare theirs to.

  • Creative Change Interiors Ltd.

    It's the same with the feel of a room and how people connect to it. A lot can't visualize past the empty room but when how it could be is shown to them then they can make a more informed decision. And that is why staged properties sell 85% faster than vacant ones. I love helping buyers see the potential of a property so they know whether or not it fits their needs!