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2 million girls ages 5-15 are forced into the commercial sex market each year. #feminism

  • Damiana MacCrone

    Ugh. Stop making it about you. Women are the ones oppressed, not men. Men are given privileges that women are not. Stop taking an issue that MOSTLY affects women and make it about men. EVERYTHING is about men. You are represented, given more opportunities, and yet there is not a thing that can exist solely for the sake of women without men getting jealous or offended and making it about them. Can't we have ONE thing?

  • Andrew Presley

    How am I making it about me, by saying it is an ethical issue that effects everyone?

  • Damiana MacCrone

    It's just- everything is about boys. I'm sorry if I seemed rude, but I'm tired of seeing this. A conversation is about women and their rights and oppression's, and then someone says, "But what about the boys? Don't forget the boys!" The thing is, it's always been about the boys. You can't turn the corner without it being about boys. Every conversation that centers around women or girls gets invaded by boys. It's just really exhausting and it seems rude and self-centered.

  • Andrew Presley

    Except, this issue, has always only been about the girls/women. Almost everyone ignores the boys/men when it comes to the sex trade. I am not trying to be self centered or rude; everyone deserves to be free.

  • Jeremiah R

    This has to stop!

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A government with the power to deny a woman an abortion, also has the power to force a woman to have an abortion. Pan Chunyan had a forced abortion in her eighth month in China.

"Safe abortions have always been available to the rich, Dan. You simply want to deny them to the poor, and if you succeed, poor woman will be forced to get them anyway. They’ll be forced into the alleys with hangers, plungers and vacuum cleaners, risking death or mutilation. But you’d like that, wouldn’t you, Dan? You sadistic, elitist, sexist, racist, anti-humanist pig!" Saturday Night Live 3x18 This aired in 1978.

Forced feminization of a husband

Prep School Girl Costume. The new semester is coming up.

Some lovely forced feminization art and forced crossdressing fantasy free sample pictures - scenes I dream about all the time too. Virgin-white---- Very hot!!!!

Amber Goth's Forced Feminization TG Captions and Transgender Stories: It's What He Dreamed Of - Wife Turns Husband Into ...

"Anyone into forced feminization? I need to be trapped..."

"I couldn't be force feminized, I would let her do it to me willingly. "

"id love to be forced feminized"

Linda's Tormented Sissies and Extreme Forced Feminization Captions: February 2013