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Floral Crochet Dog Collar. Emmie needs this!

This one is unisex, how to choose? They last forever too, Olivia and Oliver have had theirs for almost two years. Olivia is very active to! Have loved this collar...

Olivia, getting ready for a nap. Her eyes and mouth turn pink when she's sleepy.

  • Joanne Dallas

    So cute, and of course a VERY colorful place to nap;))

  • Pam O'Connell

    Hahaha! Of course! Thank you, her ears never stood up so she always looks like a puppy. She is really sweet, my Affenpinscher was getting older ,we wanted a puppy, and my husband loved this breed.Turns out I do too! Affenpinscher are great too, I just know my limits! Two is enough.:)) I missed the show as we watched Midnight in Paris. Great movie! How was it? They are characters.:))

  • Joanne Dallas

    It was historical, on again @ 12:32

  • Joanne Dallas

    Not enough that blind typing, now the phone spelling "hysterical"

  • Pam O'Connell

    Oh good! Thank you, probably historically hysterical! Kathryn Ireland was hilarious on the last one.:)) Mary McDonald provided lots of amusement as well! Thank you.:))

Miles doesn't know when he's going to rock this Lucas shirt collar and tie, but he knows he will. $24

Mexican Embroidered bag.

Pink argyle for Olivia, with a lead to match!

a look Miles loves: polo shirt with a flipped up collar + ascot.

dog tie collars.