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Olga • 2 years ago

andrew-walker (paul walkers brother from fast furious)

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Paul Walker

Paul Walker, My Man ;)

Kensi & Deeks... perfect partners and always good for a laugh!: Funny scene from NCIS:Los Angeles Deeks asks Kensi to pick him up from Yoga…Kensi looks around and sees scantily clad women eyeing Deeks. Kensi: You set me up. God, you’re using me as bait. Deeks: Not bait. It’s wing-man. This is what partners do. Kensi: Do you know how utterly unprofessional this is? Deeks: Keep talking. Don’t stop. Get angry, act like we're breaking up... go. Kensi: Are you for real? (begins to walk away) Deeks: Aww.. come on! Sunshine, wait! Kensi: Stay away from me. It’s over. I can’t do this anymore. Deeks: Listen, I’m sorry. I know it’s tough when I’m on the road all the time..touring…with the band. (scantily clad women eyeing him more and smiling) Kensi: I don’t care about that. You cheated on me…with my brother! Scantily clad women look shocked and walk away. Kensi walks away with a victory fist pump! Kensi - 1, Deeks - 0