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"Can I Use That Picture? Terms, Laws and Ethics for Using Copyrighted Images"

More copyright myths - 5 Ways Your Website is Breaching Internet Copyright Laws

The copyright and patent clause of the U. S. Constitution - Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8. Almost every American, except for those who run the U. S. Copyright Office, love this phrase as it lays the groundwork for the United States to have a copyright law. It states "PROMOTE the PROGRESS of SCIENCE and the USEFUL ARTS..." before "exclusive right," as the public's welfare is slightly more important the creator's welfare in this wonderful scheme. Unfortunately, the U. S. Copyright Office ha...

Monkeys, elephants, the Holy Spirit & God herself cannot be copyright owners, so sayeth the U.S. Copyright Office (@306). My Indonesian trip to promote monkey intellectual property rights is hereby postponed.

U.S. Copyright Act 1976 - 17 USC, Section 107: Fair Use factors. This is the best part of the Copyright Act - the part of the law that tells you how to break the law-the insertion of common sense into copyright law. We are free to use copyrighted works w/out the permission of the copyright owner/publisher provided that our use is "fair." Everyone has benefitted from fair use, and everyone has invoked fair use, consciously or unconsciously. What's missing is the word, "transformative." tbc

A photographer owns copyright in the photo the photographer took. Therefore, shouldn't the monkey who took the photo own copyright in her/his photo? (Does an elephant own copyright in the elephant art s/he painted?) - "Wikimedia Won't Take Down This Photo Because a Monkey Took It"

Copyright Litigation Blog: Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal and Copyright Law

Copyright - the six (6) exclusive rights. With respect to copyright and music, the first of these rights was granted by Congress in 1831. The 6th and final right was granted in 1995. There is not yet an exclusive right to prevent someone from dreaming about a copyrighted work : )

EU Commission’s Consultation Report Shows: Current Copyright is Unbalanced | [2014-0725]