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Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn • 2 years ago

The Delorean: Dream Car #2 - and probably more obtainable than my first :P

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  • Ricardo Marques

    lol, maybe your right... lol In any case is isn't as ugly as the american car's we are used to seeing.

  • Lucas Moquin

    Those are from the 80s and 90s; they don't count.

  • John Terpack

    American cars stopped being stylish in the '70s. My next car probably won't even be that new.

  • Melanie Park

    This car exudes class!!

  • Ricardo Marques

    Well some European brands also had so styling issues during the 80s and 90's but them sexy lines of pre 70's are something special all around the world, well maybe except in Asia, old car's there... meh...

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