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The elbow joint can be moved by releasing a spring, whereas the top joint of the wrist allows a degree of rotation and an up-and-down motion. The fingers can also curl up and straighten out. The leather upper arm piece is used to fix the prosthesis to the remaining upper arm. The rather sinister appearance of the hand suggests the wearer may have disguised it with a glove. Among the most common causes of amputation throughout the 1800s were injuries received as a result of warfare.

Victorian artificial arm form the 1800s

L0057510 Iron artificial arm, Europe, 1560-1600. © Science Museum, London / Wellcome Images.

Sapien is the first heart valve approved in the United States which doesn't require open heart surgery. In its collapsed form, it can be inserted via a catheter through a small incision in the groin and threaded through an artery into place in the heart where the steel mesh cylinder is expanded. via Christopher Weaver, wsj. #Sapien #Heart_Valve #Christopher_Weaver #wsj

Brass knuckle iPhone case

Steampunk Inspired Choker by TheSteamPunkTrunk

The arms that are forever marked by the holocaust.

"Nitrogen! Erbium! Deuterium! Show off both your love of science and your love of being a nerd with this simplistic glass topped necklace!"