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I feel like all the boys are hitting growth spurts and Ash isn't and it's the cutest fucking thing I love tiny!Ash!

A very bittersweet moment

There was basically all of Calum's arm-raising, skinny-jean-wearing, tear-inducing beauty. | 28 Life-Changing Things That Happen When 5SOS Performs At The "Today" Show

5sos + glasses = fangirl downnnnFirst of all this is not okay. Second if omg please help fan girl downnnnnnnnnnnnn

Hiding their faces lol SWEATPANTS THEYRE WEARING SWEATPANTS! NOT SKINNY JEANS! The one at the top left is Calum you can see his tattoo

Every girl is secretly an Ashton girl. << A truth more true has never been spoken <<< every girl is also secretly a Luke girl <<< and A Cal girl <<<< and a Michael girl ♥

Awwwww! Luke is too sweet.