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#Laundry #Stain Removal #Tip: Lipstick - Don't rub the smudge - it will only grind in the stain. Instead try to dab the stain with a little makeup remover. Choose one designed for greasy makeup if possible. Then clean using a normal detergent at the highest temperature the fabric will permit. And it it's delicate or you’re not sure, give it to our experienced cleaning team for special attention! *Picture credit: Imaxtree

showslow: Kiss Kiss Kiss by Berta Loui

MAC Hue Lipstick on Taylor Swift

The kiss

#Laundrytip #Stain removal: Grass - saw this picture of England's Danny Care after the Six Nations match at Twickenham Stadium this weekend, and thought he’s definitely going to need some help getting those grass stains out of his kit! Fortunately, he has LR on his team and we know what to do! If the fabric is washable, rinse with cold water through the back of the stain and gently rub the stained area using your fingers with...

#Laundry #stain removal #tip: Nail Polish - I got a desperate call the other day from a friend who'd just got red nail polish on her shirt and didn't know what to do! Don't panic - nail polish can be removed, provided you act fast! If the garment is water-safe, place paper towels under the stained area... *Photo by Shutterstock

#Laundry Stain removal #tip: Fake Tan - Fake tan is a really tough stain to remove, even for us! Apply a mix of washing up liquid and water and work through from the back of the stain. If that’s not effective, try a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (but test it on an inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn't damage the garment). Still no joy? Glycerin may help to break down the stain. If you’re not sure, or it’s a delicate or dryclean-only garment, let our skilled team take care of it for you.

#Laundry #Stain Removal #Tip: Ballpoint pen ink - Ballpoint pen ink is difficult to remove in an standard wash but fixing the back of the stain with hairspray should give a much improved result (check it won't mark the fabric 1st by spraying on an unseen area). You may also use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol, but if these are ineffective, you could also try using shaving foam and launder according to the manufacturer's care label...