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Airamty Sid
Airamty Sid • 3 years ago

Extension of Pincer Grip Activities Here the child uses a large syringe to transfer liquid between containers. This again requires control over the pincer grip in order to be able to collect the liquid into the syringe and then place it in the other bowl

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Pincer Grip Activities These activities develop control over the pincer grip. You can see that there is a graduation in the level of skill required - first using large tongs to transfer pompoms to a bowl, next using sugar cube tongs to transfer beads between bowls, and then using tweezers to transfer small flat shapes to a bowl.

Practising the pincer grip with a feathers & playdough (",)

Pouring Liquids - These activities involve pouring liquids from one container into another.  You can see that each tray has a small sponge for spillages.

Extension of Pouring Liquids - In these activities the child pours liquids from one container to another but also pours through something.  In the top tray, the child pours through a funnel, and in the bottom tray the child pours through a strainer

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Ladybug Activities for Kids...easy to make ladybug life cycle small world and art activity inspired by Ladybugs by Gail Gibbons