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Laura Zheng
Laura Zheng • 1 year ago

The Reclining Lotus - a little yoga practice goes a long way... The woman lies on her back, legs crossed in the "lotus" position (the opposite foot on top of the opposite knee). The man lies between her legs and penetrates from above. So that the woman doesn't have to carry his entire weight, it's recommended that the man braces himself on his arms. A pillow under the woman's hips can change the penetration angle. Her hands are free to wander or to hold on to her partner.

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Afternoon Delight - kamasutra sex positions This is a good resting position, ideal for getting breath back during a long session. Her hands are free for caresses and she can enjoy the intimacy of gazing into her partners eyes. She lies back and he lies on his side at a right angle to her. She puts her knees over his hip to allow gentle penetration.

The Eagle - kamasutra sex positions The man sits on his knees , legs spread, in front of his partner in the Eagle position. She lies on her back, legs in the air and wide apart. She can relax while he hold her legs up and apart and penetrates her with varying speed and depth.

22 Brassy Quotes From Golden Age Sex Symbols Love this image... Real women have smooshy parts (my 5-yr-old's words).

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