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Shades of Pokémon.

Pokemon alphabet. Articuno, bulbasuar, charmander, dratini, eggsecutor, farfetch'd, garados, hitmochan, igglybuff, jirachi, kingler?, lapras, moltres, ninetails, onyx, pika, 2nd evolution of wooper...., rapidash, squirtle tetacruel, unknown, ve-something, weepingbell, xatu?, yanma, zaptos.

El Meowth que quería ser un Persian

A Guide for Hunting Shiny Pokémon. Needs dedication but will give this a go at some point.

Pokemon feels. Pokemon and Narnia are the two most feel-inducing things for me. Pokemon 'cause crazy nostalgia and Narnia for the beauty of it.

  • Blazin' Blue

    I love the original Pokemon theme song. I sought to be the very best, and I still am!

Pokemon color wheel.. Kinda crazy. Didn't realize there were that many of them.

All of the starter Pokemon---in their corresponding type group, of course. Grass: turtwig, snivy, bulbasaur, chikorita, treecko. Fire: torchic, cyndaquil, chimchar, tepic, charmander. Water: oshawott, totodile, piplup, mudkip, squirtle.


All of the Eeveelutions :D #Pokemon