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Michelle Koga
Michelle Koga • 42 weeks ago

The best revenge on a liar is to convince him that you believe what he said.

  • Krista Conners
    Krista Conners • 3 weeks ago

    @Deedra Bryant I freaking love this.

  • Shannon Bronson
    Shannon Bronson • 4 days ago

    I agree with meaghan, and umm, Kaitlin, shut has no e on the end and the form you were looking for is "their" not "there"

  • Kaitlyn Jane Jones
    Kaitlyn Jane Jones • 4 days ago

    Okay thanks Shannon but it's Kaitlyn not Kaitlin...But whatever i spell my name diffrent then how you spell my name....I can't shut some liars out of my life because my sister is a liar and my brother and me and my friend and everyone in the world!

  • Shannon Bronson
    Shannon Bronson • 3 days ago

    No, wrong. Not everyone in the world is a liar. Everyone lies, but not everyone is a liar. Big lies that are constantly told makes someone a liar, and I choose to shut those people out of my life

  • Ary
    Ary • 3 days ago

    Liars are cowards. Their fearful, and in a low place. It's grace that makes you rise above and not believe or continue their painful path. You're above their pitiful BS.

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Just move on! This is 100% me. I may plan revenge in my head, but never follow through. Just let Karma do it's job, and go watch "Revenge" on TV (love that show)! ;)

Sometimes the best revenge is to smile and move on.

The best revenge is just moving on and getting over it, don't give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer


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