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Service dogs in army action - Please Keep Her Safe!

100k! LOVE FLASH MOB - TOMORROW!! 9/17!!

Alert Service Dogs: Diabetic Alert Dogs, Dogs for Diabetics-- this web page looks the most promising so far...

Dogs4Diabetics: Service Dogs Alert for Low Blood Sugar Dizziness. A pounding heart and a racing pulse. Sweating. These are symptoms of severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and for the estimated 3 million Americans living with Type 1 diabetes, preventing it from happening is a life-or-death priority. Unless you check your blood sugar level and take something to raise it, you're at risk of lapsing into a coma in less than an hour

They serve too ♥

D4D - Dogs4Diabetics trains service dogs to smell the subtle change in low blood sugar & to alert their owners to check their blood sugar! amazing!

Diabetic Service Dogs - they can smell a diabetic’s blood sugar dropping or spiking out of range early, so that they can provide their owner with an alert in advance of a crisis. “Alert” their owner to the onset of a change in their body’s chemistry and to keep alerting them until the condition is corrected or until they receive the help they need. Most can: Pick up and carry objects such as juice bottles. Retrieve cordless phones.Test breath for low blood sugar.