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viking symbol called inguz, means "where there is a will, there is a way"

✯ Symbols from Cunningham ✯

Swahili symbol for Hakuna Matata.

Magical symbols

With wings that flutter in the pattern of an infinity symbol, hummingbirds are associated with continuity, healing, and persistence. Delicate yet strong, the hummingbird actively seeks out the sweetest nectar representing our desire for the joyous gifts in life.

In the alchemical realm, the skillful employment of all four of these elements leads the practitioner to infinite potential and Divine creativity. We see the center of this (alchemical) symbol void of design – indicating creation takes place through the path of least resistance. In other words, it is by allowing that we obtain our true creative purpose.

~The Helm of Awe~ Probably the most well known of the Icelandic staves, the Helm of Awe, named "ægishjálmr" is said to make one irresistible to your foes; meaning that they are powerless against you. This symbol also gives the wearer countenance of terror, i.e. makes the wearer courageous, and helps you overcome people with over-bearing natures. It's a popular symbol to be used on a talisman or even a tattoo.

Vegvisir. The Viking Compass. My brother text me about this and I wouldn't mind getting this tattooed on me. Then I wouldn't get lost.

This is amazing. Holy cow... Too bad I will probably never get a tattoo let alone a sleeve.