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Sandra Whitney
Sandra Whitney • 1 year ago

Florence Nightingale Taken: 1858 Discovered: 2006 Florence Nightingale is one of nursing’s most important figures. She gained worldwide attention for her work as a nurse during the Crimean War. She was dubbed “The Lady with the Lamp” after her habit of making rounds at night to tend to injured soldiers. Early photographs of Florence Nightingale are very rare because she was extremely reluctant to be photographed, partly for religious reasons

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Rare Photograph Of Slave. A haunting 150-year-old photo found in a North Carolina attic shows a young black child named John, barefoot and wearing ragged clothes, perched on a barrel next to another unidentified young boy. In April, the photo was found at a moving sale in Charlotte, accompanied by a document detailing the sale of John for one thousand five hundred dollars- not a small sum in 1854. Hard to believe.

SUSAN CRUMBAUGH, FORMER SLAVE in Lyon County, Kentucky at Age 103 years, (photograph was taken in 1957 when she was 103 years old). Born a Slave in Kentucky in 1854. In 1957, "The Paducah Sun," ran a feature story on her life.

:::::::::::: Antique Photograph :::::::::::: Lovely cabinet photograph of a young nurse.

Florence Nightingale always felt she was on the verge of death. She finally succumbed to the great reaper in 1910 at the grand old age of 90, having spent the previous 57 years almost entirely bedridden.

40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken - Boy hears for the first time in his life, by the use of early hearing aid. AMAZING

Vietnam veteran watching the Chattanooga Armed Forces Day parade in 1976. This photograph won a Pulitzer Prize.

In 1863 and 1864, eight former slaves toured the northern states to raise money for impoverished African-American schools in New Orleans; four children with mixed-race ancestry and pale complexions were deliberately included to evoke sympathy from white northerners.

Another wonderful photograph of a Ghost mum. And for those who missed the first explanation: In the fledgling days of photography, one had to remain completely still for a length of time for a proper portrait to be taken. With a child’s predilection for doing anything but standing still, their mothers would have to be in the photography to keep them still. For reasons I’m not sure of, the bright idea was to cover the matrons with fabric, thus creating the ghost mother.

Researchers have uncovered a rare photograph of a young Helen Keller with her teacher Anne Sullivan, nearly 120 years after it was taken on Cape Cod. The photograph, shot in July 1888 in Brewster, shows an 8-year-old Helen sitting outside in a light-colored dress, holding Sullivan’s hand and cradling one of her beloved dolls. Experts on Keller’s life believe it could be the earliest photo of the two women together and the only one showing the blind and deaf child with a doll...

America's First Ladies: Florence Harding: She was known as 'the Duchess' at the White House because of her elegant parties with her husband Warren

Florence Nightingale (May 12, 1820 - Aug 13,1910), celebrated English nurse & writer, renown for her pioneering work in nursing in the Crimean War, where she tended to wounded soldiers. She was dubbed "The Lady with the Lamp" for her habit of making rounds at night. She laid the foundation of professional nursing with the establishment in 1860 of her nursing school at St Thomas' Hospital in London, the first secular nursing school in the world, now part of King's College London.