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Cerebal Palsy Awareness

I liked this post because this connects to other classes I am taking, as well as EDCP462. Technology has made it possible for people with intellectual, mental, physical, hard of hearing, every category of disability able to accomplish things that may have not been possible before; or at least very difficult before technology. Assistive technology can really help in the lives of students with disabilities achieve so much more than ever expect.

The Author of *Crying In Silence*: the journey of living with cerebal palsy and epilepsy.

When we spoke about technology for disabled individuals we mentioned VRS interpreters. I had no idea what/how this worked out. This picture shows the basics of how a VRS interpreter works for someone who may be deaf or hard of hearing. They sign to the interpreter, who talks to the person on the other end. Which then they talk to the interpreter and the interpreter signs back to the individual with a hearing impairment. So awesome that this is available! And texting helps even more now!

Are you looking at the person or the disability? They are human and they have feelings, remember that. The picture reminded me of when our teacher used to tell us that her mother was in a wheelchair. People would treat her differently because of it. They would talk to her daughter instead or talk loud and slow to her. They were seeing a disability and making assumptions, instead of actually seeing her.

We watched the The Campaign for Disability Employment in class when talking about disabilities in the workplace. The video shows how employees can actually have an increase revenue from employing disabled individuals. It was said that they typically also miss less days. But, looking at it away from a money thing, I think its great to get people with disabilities into the workplace. They deserve to live "normal" lives and make money for themselves and their family.

Disability is NOT inability...Just because someone has a disability this does not mean they are unable to accomplish things. As we have seen all year in our class people with disabilities have accomplished so many things and do not let their disability get in their way

I think after learning about different disabilities in class its extremely important to not judge them by their diagnosis. Just because they have disability doesn't mean they should be treated differently then anybody else

When I saw this post it reminded me of the week we spoke about disabilities in the media. We watched a documentary about 5 individuals with disabilities. One individual (whom I forget her name) had a mental disabilities, including depression. She showed the scares under her clothes from where she self-harmed herself. So, remember to be respectful and unprejudiced towards new people in your life, they may be going through more than you know.

I feel like all the videos and individuals we met always had this motto, keep calm it's just a disability. They didn't want you treating them any way other than how you would treat someone without a disability.