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Kris Null
Kris Null • 2 years ago

To all of the step moms, grandmas, aunts, etc, out there that are raising children that are not their own.......Happy Mother's Day.

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I love being a mom

Parenthood is a choice. You don't have to give birth to a child to be a parent. There are many people who have stepped in to fill a parental role, out of pure love. It took me years to realize I was indeed a parent.

Raising Godly children; vital for both mothers and fathers. Kids need "good" parents

what is that demon you qualify as a step mom did you say, is the town whore and stepped on 7 marriages and families gets drunk publically and calls the decent real mother the filthiest names because one bright child decided to step up and step on the demon and call her what she is..... a WHORE.

Forgive, be kind, succeed, be honest & sincere, build, be happy, and do good......It never was between you and them anyway! Mother Teresa

Baby mama vs. mother of your child. My ex and I get along fine. I don't always agree with him or his choices but its important that Emma has the chance to know her dad.

Ann Landers....did she ever think that she'd be able to reach out to so many people?

Benjamin Franklin

My children ♥

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