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Frog, Where Are You? {{Wordless Book}}

  • Emily Eglinton

    This is one of the best wordless books that I have ever seen. This book uses illustrations only to tell the story of a little boy & his dog who go out searching through the woods to find a lost frog. Because this book does such a good job of telling the story without words, it would be fun to have all the kids write the words for the book, then see what similarities & differences you see between the kids' stories.

Art & Max {{Wordless Book}}

  • Emily Eglinton

    I absolutely adored this book. It has absolutely beautiful, vivid images that do a great job of telling the story without using any words. As you go through this book, you get to see the story of Art, a serious painter, and Max, who decides he wants to try his hand at painting, too. Though Max causes quite a bit of chaos, in the end he does show Art a whole new style of painting he never would have thought of. This would be a great book for kids to use in a writing center to let them write their own stories.

Do You Want to Be My Friend? {{Wordless Book}}

  • Emily Eglinton

    This book is full of Eric Carle's beautiful illustrations, and it's a fantastic wordless book. The illustrations take you through the little mouse's journey as he looks for someone who will be his friend. This could be used with younger kids to help them predict what animal will show up next. This could also be used as a writing prompt for kids to write out the story of the mouse trying to find his friend.