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Letizia Reale Paradiso
Letizia Reale Paradiso • 2 years ago

... a lady does not raise her voice when angry. It is only proper to shout at someone when he or she is in danger or about to score a touchdown ... Candace Giles-Simpson

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... a lady never gets behind the wheel of her car if she has had too much to drink ... Candace Simpson-Giles

... a lady never reveals her age ... Candace Simpson-Giles

... a lady never paints her nails in public ... Candace Simpson-Giles

... a lady does not make phone calls to anyone during the dinner hour ... Candace Simpson-Giles

... when life deals bad breaks, a lady rises above them ... Candace Simpson-Giles

... when a lady senses that she is not in a safe place, she leaves as calmly and quickly as possible ... Candace Simpson-Giles

... a lady allows others to finish their thoughts and sentences ... Candace Simpson-Giles

... a lady does not barge into another person's office, even if the door has been left open ... Candace Simpson-Giles

... if an apology is sincerely offered, a lady accepts it with good grace. She does not pretend that the offense never existed, but she considers it past history and moves on ... Candace Simpson-Giles

... a lady is careful to keep the line clearly drawn between her personal and professional life ... Candace Simpson-Giles

Relationship tip of the day. Kiss them where you usually don’t. - Angry