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Love Light Knowledge
Love Light Knowledge • 2 years ago

A large number of ex high ranking officials including air traffic controllers, ex secret op. officers, commercial pilots, numerous military defense specialists with top secret clearance, people who had access to very sensitive documents lieutenants, ex commanders in the u.s airforce, astronauts,etc... all going before the national press club to discuss what their experiences have been regarding u.f.o's and all are willing to go before congress to testify under oath.. A MUST WATCH!

  • Debbie Hofstra
    Debbie Hofstra • 1 year ago

    who knows the reason that they are finally sharring this?

  • Love Light Knowledge
    Love Light Knowledge • 1 year ago

    Most likely, because before this press conference, each one of these people must have felt they would never be believed if they talked about it, but then there was this massive effort of arranging for people to come out together if they wished. Alone, who would believe you? Even if you have proof, you can still be ridiculed. As a group, each voice is stronger and harder to keep quiet about. At least that's why we think they started to share things now..

  • La Roumiss
    La Roumiss • 1 year ago

    this is simply amazing to watch all the hard evidence that we are not alone, and that in fact we've been visited for such a long time.. great video - definitely a must watch for all.

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  • Pamela Allen

    One of the best video's I have seen to summerize the mass UFO sightings going on now...I have studied and researched sightings for 45 yrs...they're here, alright and have always been....they are peaceful and trying to assist us....nothing to fear....we are the violent planet and that is why we haven't had disclosure....we are still simply too violent!

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