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Lacey Pentland
Lacey Pentland • 2 years ago

Votive candle holders made with $ tree vases, and printed vellum pictures, wrapped around vase.- Could probably just print out photos on the computer and mod podge onto a glass jar as a candle holder

  • Karen Wells
    Karen Wells • 2 years ago

    do you use glue or tape to make them stick??

  • Karen Wells
    Karen Wells • 2 years ago

    mod podge....I see.

  • Allisha Hitt
    Allisha Hitt • 2 years ago

    I trided to mod podge the vellum. What a mess. It wrinkled all up and didn't work. Any ideas?

  • Lacey Pentland
    Lacey Pentland • 2 years ago

    I wonder if spray glue would work better?

  • Marcia Dillard
    Marcia Dillard • 2 years ago

    I've seen Martha Stewart do something similar & she used double-stick tape

  • Eryn Troiano
    Eryn Troiano • 2 years ago

    Just tried it with mod podge and it didn't work at all. :(

  • Michaela Askins
    Michaela Askins • 1 year ago

    Just tried this and it didn't work. I have been looking up some different ways to use the modge podge and I am going to keep trying. If I find a way I will share!

  • Jennie Romero-Cason
    Jennie Romero-Cason • 1 year ago

    I just did this on a dollar tree vase and it came out great. I printed my photo on tissue paper and used a glue stick to stick it on a regular sheet of printing paper so I could run it through the printer. I laid my photo down then laid the vase on top and adjusted the pic. Once that was done I got out my mod podge in matte finish and brushed it on the vase but only on half the side and worked out the bubbles, then I did the same thing to the rest. For some reason my pic had a purple tint to it but it looks great. I did the photo in black & white. I cut off the excess tissue paper and and sealed the top and bottom of the pic with more mod podge. I did NOT go over the entire pic with mod podge. Another way u can do this is just to use mod podge where the pic meets in the middle instead of doing it all the way around. I did that with patterned tissue paper on a candle vase and turned out pretty. The photo I used was a 8x10 hope that helps!

  • Susan Rose O'Leary
    Susan Rose O'Leary • 1 year ago

    I tried this and also had the problem with wrinkles,but also my ink was smearing as I put the mod podge on.I really love the vellum concept,but not sure it is going to work for this project!

  • Lacey Pentland
    Lacey Pentland • 1 year ago

    Thanks so much for all the comments ladies - you gave some great tips! I'll be trying this myself for Christmas.

  • Amy Kirk
    Amy Kirk • 1 year ago

    i found this link on youtube of someone makeing these hope this helps

  • Lacey Pentland
    Lacey Pentland • 1 year ago

    This is awesome @Amy Kirk! Thanks so much for sharing the link :)

  • Lisa Tracy
    Lisa Tracy • 1 year ago

    yeah I tried MANY different ways to modge podge this and I think unless you use a real photograph there will be no way to get the wrinkles out. I just lined the inside with the vellum photo and taped the ends together. you'll have to use a flame less candle but it works.

  • Michelle Edenfield
    Michelle Edenfield • 1 year ago

    I had the same issues...crazy wrinkles! I decided to put the modge podge just along the edge where the photo meets when you wrap it is a bit rough, but the front looks great. I am satisfied.

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