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Herbs are used in magick for their "vibrations" or "essences". What does this mean? Herbs, like people, have gender, are ruled by a planet, an element, and sometimes, are sacred to a certain deity. Another reason to use herbs in magick is diversity. You can burn them as incense and make special incense blends to compliment your needs. You can use the essential oils in cleansing baths and anointing oils. You can even use them culinary for special ritual foods or magickal dishes.

Medieval Rose Healing Herbal Vinegar by Treasach, herbs steeped in vinegar have been used to tone skin and hair, as well as freshen garments and households.

Tips on Starting an Indoor Herb Garden. There's probably zero hope for me when it comes to plants, but I'm still intrigued.

Mr. Scott Cunningham’s All-Purpose Spell: “Write or make a symbol of your need on a piece of paper cut into a triangle. While visualizing your need, place the appropriate enchanted herbs in the center of the paper and crumble it tightly so that the herbs are trapped inside the paper. Anoint with oils if you wish. Build a roaring fire in a n outside pit or indoor fire place. Throw the herb packet into the fire. As it touches the flames firmly visualize your need.”

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