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Petyr Baelish - 'Little Finger'

Petyr Baelish, Game of Thrones.

Petyr baelish, aka littlefinger #GoT #asoiaf

Commission- Lord Petyr Baelish by *Bea-Gonzalez on deviantART

House Baelish sigil plaque commissioned piece from Ruth Fabiano. If you notice the charms, there are 2 coins representing his wealth, 2 stones representing the Fingers and the face represents House Baelish’s stone face sigil, which Petyr discarded when he adopted the silver mockingbird as his sigil. We made up the house words, as Baelish’s words are never mentioned. Check out her other plaques and boxes at her Etsy Shop.

Lord Baelish's fortress at the fingers

House Baelish is a minor and small vassal house that holds fealty to House Arryn of the Vale. The Baelish seat is a rude and small towerhouse on the smallest of the Fingers, the rocky peninsulas that make up much of the Vale's coast along the Narrow Sea. Lord Petyr Baelish: popularly called "Littlefinger", the only living member of the House. Master of Coin on the King's small council.

as Petyr Baelish in Game of Thrones

Halloween Petyr Baelish. By bee_wa