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Balmain House, New South Wales, Australia by Carter Williamson Architects

Residential Architecture: Cross House in Koganei by Love Architecture: '“..a two-storey private dwelling located on a riverbank in a lush residential area..conceived for a novelist who requested a quiet and isolated residence, the design features a cross-shaped floor plan and roof that breaks up any long stretch of facade to ‘dissolve’ into its surroundings..”  Privacy, filtered light, natural wood, intimate greenery..'

Residential Architecture: House K by Takeshi Hamada: “..Beyond the arched entrance of this metal-clad a corner light well surrounded by windows and balconies..Every room inside the three-storey House K faces this lightwell, with living and dining rooms on the first floor and bedrooms on the storey above..A staircase connecting each of the floors is positioned behind glass-panel walls at the centre of the house..”  Abundant natural light, air circulation, very interesting interior insid

Residential Architecture: Water-Cooled House by Wallflower Architecture + Design: “..Hidden away from the road, the site is surrounded by a verdant screen of mature trees from adjacent properties. Breezes blowing transversely across the site being another notable aspect of the location. The owner had wanted a contemporary home that prioritized environmental coolness as a consistent attribute and to be able to enjoy the luscious tropical surroundings..The concept developed for the home inverted p

Residential Architecture: İpera 25 Residence by Alataş Architecture & Consulting: “..Located in the historic and protected district of Istanbul, Turkey’s Galata, Ipera is a 10 flat building that goes beyond the conventional codes of the area..Respecting the current architectural fabric, infrastructure, natural conditions, climate and sun movements, and developing socio-economic conditions of the area, the project prepared by the architect Ahmet Alataş for the 1000 m2 large building is built arou

Residential Architecture: Brasilia House by Isay Weinfeld: “..Brasilia house is located in Brazil’s capital, and is named after that city. Built on a 4,110 m2 lot on the banks of Lake Paranoá, the house was placed close to the street, leaving a large garden in the back. It is essentially organized into two levels – ground floor (entertaining and service areas) and first floor (bedrooms). On the ground floor, the social areas feature double-height ceilings, and the service areas, regular-height,

Residential Architecture: Tusculum Residence by Smart Design Studio: “..a contemporary renovation and extension for an early 20th-century terrace house..focuses on a grand and gracefully spiralling stair that forms the pivotal junction of the old and new parts of the house. The staircase, spanning the width of the building, features delicate fan-like steel treads cantilevered from the central steel post and winding their way past six split levels, offset between the old and new sides of the hous

Residential Architecture: NE Apartment Residence by Nakae Architects: “..’NE apartment’ is an 8-unit apartment complex dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts in tokyo, japan by japanese firm nakae architects. the building’s square footprint features a C-shaped outdoor area which is carved from the interior and accessed from a private alley which leads to the street. borders a centralized communal area, the curved facade allows enough length for access into each unit’s built-in garage while dwellers

Estudio Martin Gomez Arquitectos

Residential Architecture: Malvern House by Canny Design: “..The initial challenge throughout this project was to locate the ideal site. 1B Spring Road, Malvern, Australia, is located across the road from a reputable local primary school and the expansive Spring Road Park, making it the ideal location for a family home, now and in the future. Lubelso’s Premium Double Storey Contemporary home was selected from the Lubelso Range for its broad appeal and suitability to the location. The modern, con

Residential Architecture: Feldbalz House by Gus Wüstemann: “..This project is not a house but a family sculpture looking for freedom and social interaction..The created sculpture contains family life, where everybody meets and circulates on the first floor, while providing a great view over the lake of Zurich..This sculpture separates the parents’ area, which is on top of the sculpture, and the children’s area, which lies underneath..The whole construction rests on the volume of the fireplace; a