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Ceola • 1 year ago

The Most Popular Iris In The World — Flag Iris – One of the most well known symbols, the fleur-de-lis is seen all over the globe! While it’s name means “Lily Flower” it’s beginnings did not start with the lily. Instead, it’s widely thought to be a stylized version of the species Iris pseudacorus or the Flag Iris.

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~ Yellow and White Iris~

Zone 8 Iris is a huge genus, containing about 300 species and thousands of cultivars that flower in nearly every color of the rainbow. Among the easiest perennials to grow, iris will reward your minimal efforts with their magnificent blooms. The most commonly grown types are bearded and Siberian. The Japanese is another species to try.

Not sure what species of flower this is...but it looks like a double Calla Lily...

Fascinating information about the popular Lily, including types of, interesting facts and much more!

The regal white lily is a fitting symbol of the greater meaning of Easter. Gracing millions of homes and churches, the flowers embody joy, hope and life. Whether given as a gift or enjoyed in your own home, the Easter Lily serves as a beautiful reminder that Easter is a time for rejoicing and celebrating.

*WHITE BAT FLOWER ~ Tacca integrifolia ... Several species are cultivated as ornamental plants for their bold foliage and large flowers. The well-known T. chantrieri goes by the names of Black Bat Flower, Bat-head Lily, Devil Flower or Cat's Whiskers. Tacca integrifolia is known as the Purple or White Bat Flower.

Medinilla magnifica... one of the most elegant flowers of all! Medinilla magnifica is a species in the genus Medinilla that is native to the Philippines. This species of Medinilla is more commonly known as the Malaysian Orchid, despite it not being part of the orchid family.

Kniphofia Kniphofia species require a position in full sun with moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil, and they should be watered well during the flowering season. Most species tolerate light to moderate frosts, though none will tolerate repeated heavy frosts; they can cope with salt winds and will thrive near the coast. Propagation is usually by division after flowering, or from seed.

one of several species of monkey flower native to california

Heliconias are tropical plants related to bananas, cannas and gingers. There are about 100 to 200 species of flowering plants native to the tropical Americas and the Pacific.