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Geisterportal • 1 year ago

Regina and her husband took this picture at a Salem cemetery. If you look to the left, you can see a man and woman standing.

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A haunting picture of a ghost taken in a woman's bedroom. The woman that took this picture in the early 1970's was simply making up her bed in a new set of sheets and pillow cases when she felt something in the room. She couldn't see it with her naked eye but when she took a picture and had the film developed she was shocked to find this image of woman staring back at her.

This was taken in Fort Walton beach Florida at my friends apartment. The only people there at the time were my friend sitting on the other side of me and my boyfriend who was standing in front of me. I took multiple pictures with my straight talk Android. But this was the only one where this creepy image of a man showed up. I feel like he's been following me for awhile now. And with this picture, I now seem to have evidence of it. (from

"I took this picture of my husband fishing at a very remote lake, Dorothy Dunn, in northern Wisconsin," says Elizabeth. "The lake has no boat launch and no homes are on the lake. We had to hike in to the lake through brush and weeds. "I took the picture in early 1990s. It wasn't for some time after I had it developed it that I realized it appears that a young girl, possibly wearing a pinafore and bonnet, is off to the right of my husband.

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Jared writes, I took this picture in the upper (oldest) part of the cemetery in alpine Utah. After taking these pictures, I almost deleted them but my mom saw something in one of them. I am sending the original and the close up. These are 100% real, you can clearly see a lady looking down and a child hiding behind her dress looking straight at me.

“This photo was taken at a wedding by a friend of a colleague. The wedding party was held at an old farm in Norway, famous for being the former home of M. Munthe (a children’s book author). There was no one present at the wedding wearing black, and the picture was taken by one of the guests. The professional photographer had no ‘natural’ explanation for the ‘figure.’ He hadn’t seen any camera ‘glitch’ like it before, and they said no one else was standing where the figure is standing.

Woman and Baby with Ghost(s) Can you explain what that is over the baby seat? I cannot make it out. Miniature storm cloud? Horrible udder-shaped balloon?

Early 20th century picture, with a special guest

Do you see the mother and child? This picture was taken in the early 1980's.

See the woman smiling back at the little boy through the window? (Manassas Battlefield)