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Anna from Frozen

Frozen/tangled. OAO

  • Caitlyn Hertel

    If this were the case then wouldn't Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel be older?

  • Hope Fox

    Though what about Rapunzel's mom? =w= Disney characters don't age like normal people.

  • Caitlyn Hertel

    According to theories the majority of Frozen occurred after Rapunzel's wedding. I highly doubt she could have 12 boys, all of whom grew into adulthood, in that short time span.

  • Elise Marlee

    Frozen took place only 3 years after tangled. And Hans has 12 older brothers! Unless she had 11 babies at the same time and they grew into men in only 3 years...... NO. I don't think he looks like them at all, his eyes just happen to be green like Rapunzel's. Plus it is said that Rapunzel is Anna and Elsa's cousin so of course they look alike.

  • Olivia Hoecherl

    I have to agree with Caitlyn Hertel and Elise Marlee.

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