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Sharon Murphy
Sharon Murphy • 2 years ago

The Disaster of the White Ship In 1120 Matilda's elder brother William Adelin and heir to the English throne died returning from Normandy when his ship, called the White Ship, hit rocks and sank. As Henry I had no other children, Matilda was declared heir to the English throne. Henry made the Barons swear allegiance to Matilda and made them swear that they should crown her as Queen upon his death. One of these barons was Stephen of Blois, Henry's nephew.

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King Harold II, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, from January to October 1066. He was defeated and killed by William of Normandy (William the Conqueror) at the famous Battle of Hastings. My favorite King of England

  • Teri Taumaoe

    Have you read The Handfasted Wife by Carol McGrath? I loved it, won it in a giveaway. It focused more on Elditha, his handfasted wife that he set aside when he became king. Good book. Lots of great info. Give it a whirl!

Empress Matilda was the sole surviving heir of King Henry I. Matilda married Henry V Holy Roman Emperor but had no children & after eleven years of marriage Henry died. She then married Geoffrey V Count of Anjou. They had three sons, the eldest of whom eventually became King Henry II. Upon the death of her father in 1135 the throne was usurped by her cousin Stephen of Blois who claimed the throne whilst Matilda was in Normandy pregnant with her third child.

Henry I Beauclerc (c. 1068/1069 – 1 December 1135) was the fourth son of King William I the Conqueror of England and Matila of Flanders. He succeeded his elder brother William II as King of England in 1100 and defeated his eldest brother, Robert Curthose, to become Duke of Normandy in 1106 ... 26th GGF. Ancestor

King Henry I (1068-1135) ~ ancestor on my Fathers line

William the Conqueror's eldest son, Robert, was a challenging child. He feuded on and off with his father and his younger brothers, who became William II and Henry I. When William I was dying, he decided to divide his kingdom into two parts, presumably because he didn't want to leave everything to Robert. Robert got Normandy, and became Duke Robert II. William Rufus got England, and became William II.

Queen Emma/Aelfgifu of England, wife of King Aethelred and Cnut, mid-1000s

Henry I, King of England - The fourth son of William the Conqueror, Henry succeeded his elder brother William II as King in 1100 and defeated his eldest brother, Robert Curthose, to become Duke of Normandy in 1106. He married Princess Matilda of Scotland to unite the Normans and Saxons.

Robert Curthose (1054 - 1134). Eldest son of William I and Matilda of Flanders. Robert and his father did not get along leading William to want to disinherit Robert. He gave Robert the Duchy of Normandy and gave England to his second son, William Rufus. Robert launched a failed rebellion against his brother in 1088. When William II died his younger brother Henry I seized the throne, and Robert tried to invade again in 1101. In 1106 Henry took over Normandy from Robert.

All the Kings and Queens of England

Historic Photographs Of "White" Slaves - Historic photos of "white" slaves from Occupied Louisiana, 1863 and 1864: These children were minority African Mulattoes and most states considered them legally Black for having 1/8th or more African ancestry. As a side note, Sally Hemings was 1/4th African so she and her and Thomas Jefferson's children would have had similar appearance. Racial intermingling, both consensual and non, was much more common in the pre-war South than many tend to believe.