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Vote in November!

Republicans on the Supreme Court are giving corporation people rights, now you know why you need to vote. Geo Bush was elected by democrats not voting and good ol' Geo put the republican majority in the Supreme Court.

Please, please, please, if you live in one of these states, please encourage people to vote. We NEED a government that works for people, not just lobbyists and corporations.

Republican policy; of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations.

What the Media Won’t Tell You: Millions are Hurting as Red States Reject Medicaid Expansion-Legislatures of Neanderthal states, the ones that have, for all practical purposes, seceded from the Union, have denied needy citizens access to a Medicaid expansion program that will be free to the states through 2014 and 2015 and never exceed a 10% state contribution. And the federal money for that expansion is already set aside. Medicaid expansion specifically targets the poor, disabled and uninsured.

There's much to remember about GOV. RICK SCOTT come election day, and none of it is good.

  • theresa lamerson

    life happens. We had 3 kids things got normal for awhile raising the kids. Now have 4 grandchildren and i try to fill their heads with all kind of fanciful and magical stuff. I guess Im not your normal mema

  • Sierra Rivers

    Both of you sound like lovely people and I can relate to what you are saying. I'm in mid-life, enjoy art and get high on sun and water. I'm divorced, my son is an adult now and I've been thinking a lot about moving to a sunny state. But it seems like all the sunny states are being ran by right-wingers and I happen to be pretty liberal.

  • Florida Mermaid

    Hi Sierra. Yes, there are a LOT of right wingers here. But I sometimes think there may have been more than I realized up north too. It just until about 15/20 years ago, people I knew never really didn't talk about politics! But 24/7 "news" broadcasts started and got everyone's knickers in a twist. So now we all know, maybe too much about our friends.

  • Florida Mermaid

    The only thing I'd think about before moving is where your son lives. It's nice to be near some family and I miss that. But my girls went to different states, so there didn't be much point in freezing up north after they left!

  • theresa lamerson

    i agree about knowing too much about other people you know. Even my daughter who is 36 gets very upset with her friends on facebook when they start talking their conservative trash about the pres. and other liberal ideas. I do have my family around and I love being involved in my grand kids lives. I love living here in florida the land of sun and beaches.

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