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Mix Elmers glue with food coloring to paint onto anything glass to create a seaglass effect when dry. Now thats just cool.

3-ingredient Ocean in a Bottle. Fast, Easy, Awesome. - Happy Hooligans

5 Science Experiments for Halloween

bring food coloring, have a quick color theory lesson with your water glasses

Once rainy season begins, introduce Cloud Jars - a mason jar filled 2/3rds of the way with water with a shaving cream "cloud" on top. Have the children drop colored water "rain" on the cloud and watch as it falls in colored drops! What a fun process! Science, fine motor, cognitive dissonance... awesome!

Cool lesson about clouds. shaving cream, food coloring, water, jars, droppers for food coloring water.

Fun Rain Project. Cup with water, put shaving cream on top, and then drop food coloring on the shaving cream. Watch it "rain".