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Diana Irwin
Diana Irwin • 42 weeks ago

Worlds largest tapeworm

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Tapeworm causes : Drinking or consuming food that has been polluted with waste material or feces from a tapeworm or a person, you tend to get tapeworm...

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Tapeworm (taenia) head. Intestial parasites.

Tapeworm eggs discovered in 270 million year old fossil shark feces

Parasite of the Day: Acanthocephalus rhinensis - also known as a thorny-headed worm - which lives in the intestine of European eels in Lake Piediluco in central Italy. Acanthocephalans spend their adult lives like tapeworms, clinging to the wall of their host's intestine, and absorbing nutrients from the pre-digested gut content. But unlike tapeworms, which mostly use suckers and small hooks to cling to the intestinal wall, acanthocephalan has a formidable bit of armament...

19th century wax model of lymphatic system

A picture from an old children mental hospital.