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Burning bright: The spectacular 'fire rainbow' that bathed the Scottish sky in a…

Ali Bain, 61, who witnessed the colourful rainbow in Moray, Scotland, said he had just moments to photograph the clouds before they disappeared.
Clare Hogan
Clare Hogan • 1 year ago

The rare fire rainbow was spotted at the River Spey in Moray by 61-year-old Ali Bain who was out for an evening stroll

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The amazing cloud type is caused by a unique combination of the sun's position and the shape of ice crystals in the air.

Circumhorizontal arcs, or fire rainbows as they're commonly known, is an optical phenomenon caused by plate-shaped ice crystals in cirrus clouds

Circumhorizontal arc or circumhorizon arc (CHA), also known as a fire rainbow, is a halo or an optical phenomenon similar in appearance to a horizontal rainbow, but in contrast caused by the refraction of light through the ice crystals in cirrus clouds

Fire Rainbow The correct name is circumhorizontal arc. This actually is an ice halo formed by platter shaped crystals of ice up above in the sky. The colors are formed through the same procedure as in common rainbows.

Fire rainbow cloud: The rare phenomenon appeared behind a storm cloud near Delray Beach, Florida