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St. George (Patron Saint of My Family ... Tribe)

Jonah and the whale. Orthodox icon

This icon, made in 1774, comes from the Greek Orthodox church, where the veneration of holy images has always been of great importance. It may show St George of Cappadocia, a legendary martyr saint said to have died in Palestine towards the end of the 3rd century. | VandA Collection

Orthodox shrine with icon.

Icons - Saints - The Studio of John the Baptist : ~ St. Padre Pio

I love this icon of Christ and St. Peter.

Saint Catherine of Alexandra: 16th Century icon of St. Catherine (from the iconostasis of the Katholikon)

As a Saint who helps troubled and despairing youth and protects against suicide, alcoholism, drugs and all sorts of harmful addictions, the following links provide further information here and here. Parents especially, when praying for their children, should often seek the intercessions of this Saint and these two links are meant to encourage this. This icon of St. Ephraim was the last painted by the famous iconographer, Photios Kontoglou in 1964 (who I believe is also buried at Evange...

Medallion with Saint Paul from an Icon Date: ca. 1100 Made in Constantinople ~ Cloisonné enamel, gold ~~The Metropolitan Museum of Art

St. John of San Francisco on Iconography - In calling to mind the saints and their struggles, an icon does not simply represent the saint as he appeared upon the earth. No, the icon depicts his inner spiritual struggle; it portrays how he attained to that state where he is now considered an angel on earth, a heavenly man...