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Kore daughter of Demeter and Zeus.

Kore from the Acropolis Archaic period (600 – 480 BCE) The Kouros and Kore statues were usually lifesize or larger, and made of marble. The kouros (male statue) was always nude and the koure (female statue) was always clothed. The left leg is always forward, the arms are close to the body, touching the side of their thighs. Strict symmetry, simple geometric forms, no individualization.

Head from the figure of a woman, ca. 2700–2500 b.c.; Early Cycladic I–II. Cycladic; Keros-Syros culture.

THE "KORE WITH THE EYES OF A SPHINX"_ Votive offering to Athena. Attic work in Parian marble. From the Acropolis of Athens, ca 500 BC. Athens, Acropolis Museum (by Metropolitan Museum Athens)