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The King James Version of the New Testament

So what does the bible tell us ?

Bible & morality

The Thinker's Manifesto: Bertrand Russell's Ten Commandments -- Written in contrast to the Bible's ten steps to salvation, British philosopher Bertrand Russell provides his New York Times readers with the tools for independent thought and anti-establishment living.

  • Frank Noe

    True, it's not perfect. The purpose is to mimic the fallibility of your mythical 10 commandments.... Duh

  • Mr Happy

    Mythical. Even your science proves ... Oh what's the point yer a dafty simples

  • Frank Noe

    Haha... If I use evidence and critical thinking rather than allow a mythical story to control my life, I am 'dafty simples' You're funny

  • Mr Happy

    Know YOUR facts and billion or so may even listen to you but unless you can avoid losing it and waffling then hey ho?

  • Frank Noe

    At this point you still have nothing constructive to add to the conversation and I'm bored with you.... Let me know if your mind opens to possibilities outside of your narrow vision, otherwise I'm done trying to use reason with a small minded anonymous internet idiot... Bye bye

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scenarios where the bible says its ok to rape