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Illustrating the Pythagorean Theorem and the Square Root of Two (Circa 1,900 BCE – 1,700 BCE): Yale YBC 7289, one of the few cuneiform tables to consist entirely of a geometrical diagram, shows that Babylonian scribes knew the Pythagorean Theorem and possessed a method of calculating accurate estimates of square roots. On the obverse, the scribe drew a square and its diagonals. "According to Pythagoras' Theorem the length of the diagonal is the length of the side multiplied by the...

Memorial babilónico de piedra; ca. 850 a.C., del templo de Marduk, padre e hijo de pie, con escritura cuneiforme.

Escritura zapoteca

-2300 Tableta de escritura cuneiforme del imperio Acadio, que corresponde a un Diccionario con listas de palabras Sumerias y Akadias. Descubierto en Ebla (Syria). Louvre.