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OnAirJana • 1 year ago

Motherhood is a brave journey. It has always been this brave thing to raise another independent, pushing the limits, melt your heart at night, love them forever even when they drive you crazy, human. That is what you are doing. Even on those tired days.

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Because I celebrate being real I am here to tell you that when you have kids under five years old you will be tired. You will give of yourself more than you thought you could give. You will look at other moms and wonder if you are doing it right. You will have to learn everything. You will learn your strength. You will learn that you are brave.

So dear not so perfect but very real mom, you and I are in this together. It's not a competition. It's a journey, a life that we're doing.This motherhood portion? It's part of our story - it's that part that makes us stronger, pushes us to our limits, sharpens our spirit, and unearths the hero in us...

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Onward, brave mother. You can do it. Brush the tears away, do one thing, and press onward with all of the braveness that you can muster. You are making a difference in this world. Let me tell you that again - you are making a difference in this world. You, right now, who had the moment of doubt, now needs to brush that away and to start to see and remember all of the awesome things that you accomplish every day.

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