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Care2 .com
Care2 .com • 2 years ago

Elephants weren't made for THIS. Click to stop the circus from abusing these majestic animals!

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Stop animal abuse!

  • Clara C

    God did give us animals to eat but he also gave us plants like fruit. I think we should only eat animals if there is no other option

  • Clara C

    Even then I'd eat dirt

  • Alexandra Chandler-Elliott

    I think raising an animal in a acceptable environment instead of the torture they are now would make it more expensive but less evil. That cant be good for us to consume an animal that lived a sad messed up life, its why I dont eat pork, laws advance for chicken and beef, not pork, theyre tortured.

  • Clara C

    Exactly why I'm vegetarian

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The abused circus elephants who were reunited at an elephant sanctuary after 25 years apart. When will elephant abuse end?

Anti-circus, elephant abuse

abused circus elephants who were reunited at an elephant sanctuary after 25 years apart hug each other.

Poor Biggie. Abused by his owner over and over. I think that animal abusers should suffer the same consequences as if it were a human victim.

Report abuse wherever and whenever you find it.

This woman rescued a lion from an abusive circus! Now there is a #dedicatedfriendship

Water for Elephants: The Elephant in this movie was provided by "Have Trunk Will Travel" a company that has been fined for abusing Elephants and other animals. HOW IRONIC that the elephant played an abused circus elephant when in real life it was abused!! BOYCOTT THE CIRCUS

To End Animal Abuse, we must find out how and why it happens? We contribute to it daily without even realising it...