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Every Dead Kennedys album. I can't pick just one because each is brilliant in its own special way. The DKs are probably my favourite punk band, but the first time I heard them - much like the first time I heard Beefheart - I thought they were awful. It sounded like some weird cabaret/surf/spaghetti western/jazz/experimental/garage/rockabilly hybrid. On top of it all was Jello Biafra's voice; a kind of helium-filled bleat of a thing. I still think they sound like that, but now I love them for it.

Adrenalin O.D: Humungousfungusamongus. This album has held a special place in my heart ever since I first heard it as a teenager. I remember having my headphones on, listening to it over and over again. My original vinyl copy was played so many times that the grooves wore out and it became unplayable. It's one of the few albums I love that is actually a lot of fun to listen to; the band never took themselves too seriously (see cover). An album that always puts a smile on my face.

The Pentangle. Basket of light. A record of distinction.

Talking Heads Remain in Light. Iconic.

Burt Bacharach: Reach Out - one of my favorite albums

New Order - Technique

The Best of The Doors

Talking Heads - Remain in Light

Led Zeppelin. Houses of the holy. Heard a Radio 4 Doc about the boy who features in the cover photo. It seems he spent a lifetime traumatised by his association with the LP cover. The redemption came upon his first listen to the record....

fugazi. best think to come out of DC. fullstop.

Tim Buckley - Morning Glory