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The moon and Venus ✔

Venus in transit - "live" view from Astronomy Picture of the Day, 05 June 2012

Venus Transit 2012 (June 7 2012) Image Credit & Copyright: Chris Hetlage Occurring in pairs separated by over a hundred years, there have now been only eight transits of Venus since the invention of the telescope in 1608. The next will be in December of 2117. But many modern telescopes and cameras were trained on this week's Venus transit, capturing the planet in rare silhouette against the Sun. In this sharp telescopic view from Georgia, USA, a narrowband H-alpha filter was used (.) #astronomy

APOD: Centaurus A

Clouds and atmosphere- at the edge of space

Venus - taken by the robotic Venus Express spacecraft

APOD: 2012 September 22 - Austrian Analemma