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Georg Olafr Reydarsson Hansen

A Scandinavian viking priest known as a Gothi leading the people in sacrificing to an idol of Thor in this painting by Johan Ludwig Lund

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fornsed: Thor and Odin Idols in the “Regin-Forn Sed Skåne (=Scania,southern Sweden)” society. www.fornsedskane....

Thunor the thunderer or Thor on a Swedish Baptismal Font from ca. 1000 CE

Tapestry depicting Thor with hammer, 12th century CE. Halsingland, Sweden

Who were the Vikings? NOVA

"It is thought that this is a representation of Odin, the supreme deity of the Vikings, with his ravens. ... 7th-8th cent"

Lathgertha by Morris Meredith Williams. Lagertha was, according to legend, a Danish Viking shieldmaiden from what is now Norway, and the onetime wife of the famous Viking Ragnar Lodbrok (d. 840 or 865)

Odins raven watches over viking ship.

Viking longboat, illuminated manuscript. In Norse mythology, for instance, “Nidhogg (“tearer of corpses”) is a monstrous serpent that gnaws almost perpetually at the deepest root of the World Tree Yggdrasil, threatening to destroy it. Nidhogg (also) lies on Nastrond in Niflheim and eats corpses to sustain itself.” Source: Encyclopedia Mythica

Viking long boat prow