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Blue Candle The primary spiritual colour. It’s used to obtain wisdom, harmony, inner light, or peace; confers truth and guidance. Other uses include healing, sleep, creativity, perception, calming wisdom, truth, loyalty, dreams, and the examination of emotions. Some say it represents the divine mother.

Red Candle Energy, vitality, and strength, health, passion, sex, love, protection, fire, fertility, fast action, strength, potency, lust, blood. Physical love and passion, courage, warmth, energy, attraction, magnetism, desire, action, physical strength, power, willpower.

Black Burning black with any other colour dissolves negative energies! Protection, hex-breaking, reversing, banishing, destroying evil or negativity, binding, and repelling. Also used for healing very powerful illnesses.

Green Candle Abundance, growth, money, success, wealth, physical healing, health, marriage, fertility, employment, balance, Stimulates growth, healing, financial success, good luck, new job, good harvest, nature appreciation, love.

Brown Candle Rituals for material gain, eliminates indecisiveness, furthers concentration, learning, telepathy. Expands financial success, finds lost items. Material prosperity, home, friendships, balance, animal magic, earth magic, and studying, wealth, success, intuition, psychic powers and ESP. Protects pets

Rose Candle Compassion for self and others, higher mystical powers, humour, Love, romance, opening the heart, forgiveness, compassion, healing, joy, creativity, endurance, strength, stability and security.

Lavender Candle Mother consciousness, manifestation and selflessness, Spirituality, compassion, understanding, inspiration, make contact with Higher-Self, attract spiritual assistance, very calming.

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Magickal Moonie's Sanctuary Pink Candle Bright Blessings ♥ Magickal Moonie Yvonne )O(

Magickal Moonie's Sanctuary Blue Candle Blessed Be: Magickal Moonie Yvonne )O( reference: www.witchesofthec... Crescent Pentacle: espie-whitburn-de...