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How to Free Download Music from YouTube

  • Simon Su

    very useful tutorial for downloading youtube videos, thanks.

Given the recent financial turmoil in this country, many people are turning to alternative ways of managing their finances. Traditional banks have taken on a bit of ridicule due to high overdraft and ATM fees, among other issues

In 1968, Andy Warhol was quoted as saying “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” YouTube has, by and large, facilitated the realization of this prophecy.

According to recent research, the average Internet user is likely to watch roughly 206 videos each month. Based on that statistic, it may not surprise you to read that almost seventy percent of marketers now incorporate video into their marketing campaigns. In the following infographic, we’re making the case for video and including information that will convince you of how important developing and sharing video is to your overall content marketing efforts online.

Left in a Right World

Mobile usage is sky rocketing, check out our infographic detailing why and how!

When the first mobile phones with video capability came into being, we all knew the potential for shooting video snippets of family and friends on the go. But few could predict the sea change that mobile video (and the high-speed networks that move them) has had on human society—from the World Cup to Arab Spring. Here is an at-a-glance almanac of the most important milestones in mobile-video history.

Send your voice message to one person or a group of people at one time via Moco Live

Is it possible to even fathom the idea of any given moment without someone in the world being connected to the Internet for one reason or another? It wasn’t that long ago that the Internet wasn’t even a thing, but anymore it’s something that we can’t do without. Let’s take a look at “A Day in the Life of the Internet”:

Some people say that an unaffiliated person would be more likely to commit a crime while others counter that a religious person is more likely to commit a crime due to religious zeal

Video: Sioux Falls doctor considers GOP bid for Senate