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Plastic baskets are great for keeping freezer foods organized!

  • Brianne Thomas
    Brianne Thomas • 2 years ago

    Seems like the baskets would take up a lot of room.. not sure how practical this solution would be for me.. but a good idea for someone I suppose

  • Fatima Augusto
    Fatima Augusto • 2 years ago

    my freezer is like this one my husband thiks im crazy :)

  • Rene Britz
    Rene Britz • 2 years ago

    So need to try this

  • Karla Cunningham
    Karla Cunningham • 2 years ago

    This is great if you have only a couple people in your family...

  • Yvette
    Yvette • 2 years ago

    @ Brianne, I totally agree. Also, those strawberries are going to get freezer Pretty, but not practical for ME.

  • Debbie Bates
    Debbie Bates • 2 years ago

    These are great for stuff that comes in bags, chicken nuggets, frozen fruit, stuff like that. They help keep items from sliding out the door!

  • Deborah Spanton
    Deborah Spanton • 2 years ago

    This is great for a small family, which consists of my husband and I. A good idea for quick freezing your fruit so they don't get all stuck together in the bags.

  • Carol Burghardt
    Carol Burghardt • 2 years ago

    Any ideas for a bottom freezer compartment?

  • Mary Tredeau
    Mary Tredeau • 2 years ago

    And ideas for making those stupid stupid bottom drawer freezers (that I just HAD to have!) more practical?! That would be great!! :)

  • Alexis Cousino
    Alexis Cousino • 2 years ago

    totally need to do this

  • Leigh Macy
    Leigh Macy • 2 years ago

    Started doing this a few months ago and it has made life so much nicer!

  • Shelly McWilliams
    Shelly McWilliams • 2 years ago

    This should really help my freezer

  • Linda Martinez
    Linda Martinez • 2 years ago

    Will be doing this soon. Love it.

  • Annette Dombrowski
    Annette Dombrowski • 1 year ago

    I have about 4 baskets right now sitting around taking up space! Im going to try this!

  • Sue Edens Hamrick
    Sue Edens Hamrick • 1 year ago

    Before buying the baskets, make sure to measure the depth of your freezer shelves. This idea only helps if the baskets fit into your freezer.

  • Marie Stuart
    Marie Stuart • 15 weeks ago

    Do you have any great ideas for the little chest freezers? Whatever I need, it's at the bottom or I forgot it was there.

  • Sue Edens Hamrick
    Sue Edens Hamrick • 15 weeks ago

    Marie - You could still use baskets, but taller ones may be more practical. To help keep track of what you have, try writing what is in the bottom on a paper list you can attach to your freezer either with magnets or tape. Also add a pen on a string close by and when you use something "from the depths", just cross it off. You could also have a running "need to replenish" list on a white board. Hopefully that would be a smaller smaller list. :)

  • Sue Edens Hamrick
    Sue Edens Hamrick • 15 weeks ago

    Marie - you could use different color taller baskets, one for veggies, chicken, pork, etc. A list attached to the edge of the basket, similar to the tags, might help too. I'll let you know if I think of any other ways to keep track of the bottom items.

  • Amy Nelms Strauch
    Amy Nelms Strauch • 13 weeks ago

    do you think this would work for a chest freezer?

  • Sue Edens Hamrick
    Sue Edens Hamrick • 13 weeks ago

    Amy - there are baskets especially made for chest freezers. They usually have extended hooks coming out oun each corner for stacking. When I had my chest freezer I found they were extrememly handy to have. The best advice I can give you is to keep an active list and once a year go to the bottom and see what you missed! Yep, you have to go there! Happy freezing!