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German Anti-Tank Rifle WW1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

DA10 British WW1 SMLE Rifle British WW1 Short Magazine Lee Enfield Service Rifles. The famous .303 bolt action No1 Mk III military rifle manufactured by various UK Government contractors. 10-shot magazine.

This is a nice modern day 30-30 by Mossberg

Masterpiece Arms MPA-71 rifle - the design was based around the Suomi 71 round drum magazine. It is a Frankenstein of sorts consisting of (basically) FN/FAL lower mated to a MAC-11 upper, uses AR15 carbine handguards, a SAW buttstock.

L42A1 Enfield sniper rifle (Britain)

Springfield 1903 Caliber: 30-06 Range: 600yards History: saw service from WW1-WW2; was a Basic issued service rifle and also played the role as a sniper rifle(with optics)