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elf on a shelf ideas

Bad Elf On the Shelf | bad+elf+on+the+shelf.jpg

Elf on a Shelf - Showing how cool it is to help with chores

What Elf On The Shelf Does While You’re Sleeping – 30 Pics... For those people who say is teaching the kids bad things.... Kick rocks. It's funny and you have no personality:)

Elf on a Shelf - Caught a cold from traveling back & forth to the North Pole / a cute idea with a sad note if the child did something bad the day before!

Elf graffitiThe people have spoken and have elected you to the highest office in the land for another four years. I only hope you appreciate what an awesome responsibility has been placed on your shoulders and that the decisions you make can have either good or bad ramifications on the citizens of this nation for generations to come.

Elf on the Shelf idea .Lil' help decorating the tree

bad behavior warning letter from elfie