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Tom Froggatt PHD
Tom Froggatt PHD • 2 years ago

Aunty Adele. Used to wear my Grannies undies and my Aunty Gails, but then went the "whole hog" as you could say and went for the Miss Piggy look. He makes me sick. It's not just his transvestism but he took a frontal pic of his pre pubescent 10 yo daughter and forwarded it to a cross dressing friend so I suspect cross dressing is a cover. He confessed to the police and got a caution because his computers had already been destroyed and were gone. All he had was his smart phone.

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  • Bex Akers

    Off to pinxton Sunday the wharf road replies and aquatics hopin to bring a few new new home x

  • Bex Akers

    Reptiles even lol

  • Froggatt Family

    Nice one. Not been fish shopping in ages since Eddie sprayed deodorant and it affected our biggest tank, lost all my little rummy nose tetra and I had a beaut shoal I'd built up and then we realised hasn't seen Snowball in a while and mini saw a Pleco's “skeleton”(?) and we realised the one who started my fish hobby off alongside Brian had gone, I was v v gutted. Will go again soon. Sick of looking at just Angel fish, I think I'll get a shoal of harlequin tetra or I saw some others which were stunning too at a diff fish place. It's awkward cos I won't go anywhere without gizmo n Bambi so I look v preg when out with 2 dog slings under my cardi